Ulrich Selke


My portfolio of services, which have included certified and accredited building expert services since 2011, is based on a modular concept:

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Manager (HSE),
  • Safety Certified Contractor SCC
  • Project development, creation of service specifications, bills of quantities, optimisation of technical details and material properties
  • Project control and construction and project management in the turn-key construction sector
  • Assessment of requirements and additional works, accounting, documentation review
  • Quality assurance during the construction phase
  • Safeguarding of the project’s sustainability beyond the warranty period
  • Compliance with and documentation of maintenance intervals
  • Review of the services and materials commissioned, target/performance comparison before and during the execution of works
  • Recording of actual project and property statuses
  • Support during damage repair and warranty works

I take care of work phases in accordance with the HOAI 5 – 9 Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers. Please send me your requirements, I will get in touch with you immediately.